Thursday, February 11, 2010

Climbing Comp

So there are some sweet photos and videos made from the climbing comp. last Saturday and I posted one in this message. You can see me fail at the second dyno at 7:37 minutes into the video (haha). I am confused since yesterday at the gym I easily got the third dyno, yet I still can't get that second one. Oh well I guess it really plays into peoples different strenghts.
Lets see not much else going on, I am sure no one wants to hear how Stats, groundwater, and physics are going (just had to remember intergration by parts the other day...)
Oh one other thing about the climbing comp. was that our school paper covered the event and wrote an article about it and messed up. So they listed the top finishers from WWU in the article and said that this Andrew Peterson dude got 4th in intermediate, but that was totally me! Oh well I guess I won't get to clip my name out for my scrapbook some day hahaha

link to video

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  1. I dunno, man, your top 5 are good ones, but what about Moab! I'm not much of a boulderer so I'd probably swap Bishop with Moab.